Praxis Strategy Consulting devises a 3 Step customizable transformational approach with the following Mantra:

“We help create Leaders within the organizations who will Impact your Business for we believe in Coaching that Matters to you!”

Most enterprises apply transformation with the view that it is for the lower layer of teams that are doing the work. Their approach is “top driven and bottom applied” way of execution. They start with a narrow view of providing basic trainings and a small amount of implementation coaching at superficial level. The fundamental flaw in this approach is that as time passes, they see that the results produced are not in line with their expectations. During this journey, enterprises encounter a lot of detractors who often wonder if they have selected the right transformational approach.

3 Step Approach:

The 3 Step approach stands on 3 pillars which helps embark our customers on a journey that will be outcome driven which is more focused on transformational coaching rather than just transactional driven coaching.

The Pillars