Mohan Chickmagalur is the Founder and CEO of Praxis Strategy Consulting also an Enterprise Agile Strategy & Leadership Coach. A strong Agilist who loves transforming Organizations through Agile by engaging and creating a Culture of Leaders at all Levels. He personally feels that Agile is all about transforming oneself from inside out.

His repertoire exhibits working with Executive Leadership teams to help connect their Strategic Vision and Goals to Business Outcomes at all levels by imbibing the culture of Lean Thinking.

Mohan started his career in Agile in 2001 and has been persistently involved in Enterprise Transformation – be it at an enterprise level or start-ups. In his career as an Agile Transformation Coach, he has enabled transformation of many teams using XP and SCRUM.

Having largely catered to Telecom and Banking sectors in the past, Mohan now has also been associated with a wide range of domains including Software. He has been a speaker at conferences organized by ISEC and Lean India Summit.